Echo Protocols: Redundant Communications

Things break. Sites go down. Accounts get hacked. Life happens. What do you do in those situations, especially with important communications? Can you get your department, unit or business back up and running? Your life? How quickly and what will that delay cost you in time, resources, money?

This course is about having a strategy in place to back up your communications and your life. Most of our lives are technology dependent now – phones, email, computers, routers, payments. If those were to go down, what would you do? In this course you will discover what you can do to add redundancy to your communications but also to do so in such a way as to add privacy, security and encryption where we can.

For Auditors, Investigators, Detectives and other such professionals – Online Author Agreement 2 communication can save the labor put into an investigation, preserve evidence, and keep the lines of communication open and flowing. We want an “echo” to our communications and to the technologies we rely upon so if one were to go down we can seamlessly switch to an alternative option for many of the technologies we daily use and rely on. This course will provide you some options applicable to both your professional life and your daily living.

Program Level: Basic | Prerequisites: None

Instructional Method: Self-Study | Advance Preparation: None

CPE Credit: 0 hour(s) 55 minute (s) | Field of Study: Fraud

Format: Video

Learning Objectives:

* In this course, you will learn about redundancy options for multiple areas of technology, steps to take, considerations and will have Exercises and Tasks to supplement the learning.


* Quiz Questions: 4 Question

* Types: Multiple Choice or True / False

* Quiz Attempts: Unlimited retries

* Minimum Quiz score of 100% is required to obtain self-study CPE

* Must watch video to advance

Materials Included:

* On-Demand Video

* CPE Quiz

Program For:

* Internal Auditors seeking to identify fraud during the audit cycle.

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About Haddon Fields

Haddon Fields is the Special Investigations Trainer with The PsyFIN Group which focuses on training auditors, investigators, detectives, and protective personnel in innovative means of investigation, privacy, OSINT and investigative leadership.

He has several industry credentials and has nearly fifteen years of field investigative experience in fraud and financial crimes.

Having worked both public and private sectors, Haddon has spent most of his investigative career involved in major case investigations involving fraud and financial crimes.

He has graduate level education and advanced degrees in the security and investigations field with a specialization focus on the applications of linguistics, geography and intelligence collection to the interviewing and investigation process.



  Echo Protocols: Redundant Communications
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